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Weight Loss - Why Using Weight Loss Pills is the Wrong Way to Get Slim?

How? You can be creative with nuts and Shapeshifter Yoga seeds in place of flour for pie crusts, cakes, brownies and bars. You don't have to deprive yourself of these treats to stay slim. Then experiment with fruit, Stevia and other natural non-nutritive sweeteners that go well with a balance of something sweet like applesauce, or other fruit sauces you can make yourself quite easily.

Replace sugar, honey or agave with fruit sauces combined with whole leaf liquid Stevia. Ask your health store about it. It's the only natural non-nutritive sweetener I can honestly recommend, knowing what I do about processing. Avoid bottled fruit jams and such as they usually have corn syrup, even if hidden in "fruit juice concentrate." Try frozen organic fruit (so you avoid refined, added sugars) and blend them in the blender, once thawed, to make your own yummy flavors for pancake sauce/syrup.
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