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Weight Control - It Is All In The Attitude

Tighten up flabby abs with swimming, especially 15 Minute Weight Loss front crawl and backstroke, which gently tones the oblique muscles. Make sure you swim for at least half an hour each time, but whichever sport you choose, always squeeze in your tummy muscles to increase core body strength. Think abs as you walk, run, swim or play and tuck in your tummy - it's the best way to keep you toned for longer. Do your toning exercise as often as possible and say bye-bye to the belly!

For slender, toned pins, go for sports which stretch the muscles out rather than build them up. Step, aerobics, racquet sports or team sports which involves fast running in short bursts all bulk muscles up, so try swimming with floats again, cycling, which works the thighs, speed walking and jogging. Yoga and ballet are excellent for stretching out and strengthening at the same time, without adding bulk. The toning exercise below will also help.
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