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Type 2 Diabetes - How Diabetes Affects Your Eyes

Fiber in fruit and vegetables Most Sugar Balance high-fiber foods are also low in starch and are low on the glycemic index. Fiber slows their digestion and the effect of the natural starches and sugars. Soluble fiber (beans, oats and oat bran, some fruits and some vegetables), has the ability to help regulate blood sugar levels by absorbing water in the intestinal tract and by combining with the digesting food, forms a gel. As well as slowing the rate at which glucose is metabolized, it steadies the rate at which insulin is released. It helps to regulate blood-sugar and suppresses your appetite. It reduces the glycemic index of foods. As long as it contains 5% acetic acid it will also convert glucose to glycogen which then means you require less insulin. Research has showed this helps with weight loss and so improves insulin-function.

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