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In the past, the problem with most of the Newscaster Vocalizer reporting systems developed is that there has always been some sort of tradeoff between the doing aspect and the documenting aspect, no matter the business activity that is entailed. When you go through a lot of procedures just so you can create a lot of products, this would entail a lot of documentation, right? This is because you did go through many procedures. Sadly, documentation here is inevitably shortchanged because of the fast pace businesses find themselves at these days.

By lagging, any business would lose a significant portion of its potential market to its other competitors, and it would be doubly difficult if this would be just because there was more focus placed on documentation rather than on the doing part of the trade. However, when you lose track of labor costs and other aspects that you commonly miss out when documenting, this would also lead to a lot of black holes when it comes to tracing the corporate budget, and this can translate to millions of dollars in losses.
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