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Signs and Symptoms of Swine Flu H1N1 Virus in Humans

The common cold is what usually has been Pandemic Survival the beginning of sinus problems for the average person. Mucus and air generally don't have any problems flowing through the sinus ducts into the nose. When these ducts become stopped up, usually when we get a cold, then we have problems. The mucous membranes of the nasal cavities become swollen and inflamed letting the cold virus inactivate the cilia in the nasal membrane. When this happens the mucous can't get out.

Since the mucous can't get out, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and we have what is commonly known as a sinus infection.Sinus sufferers know exactly what a sinus infection feels like. The symptoms are headache, usually around the eyes, sometimes a fever and the feeling of stuffiness in the nasal area. What one has to do then is go to the doctor and get anti-biotics to kill the bacteria. The problem is the membranes are usually damaged to the extent that full recovery isn't possible. Now you have chronic sinus problems especially during cold season.
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