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On Past and Present Life Soul Mate Connections and Channeling My Father's Higher Self by Mike Pax De

I define resilience as: "The capability to Water Freedom System GROW THROUGH adversity or opportunity so that one becomes wiser, stronger and better able to create a sustainable future." Now, throw in the word "radical" which means extreme. "Extreme" resiliency means one is willing to turn right when everyone else turns left. It implies courage, tenacity, and taking the uncharted course. For an individual, it also means listening deeply to one's inner voice rather than the chorus that surrounds you.

Develop the skill of adaptability.Adaptability is predicated on finding multiple responses to any given situation. It is foundational for resilience and literally rests upon our ability to challenge old ways of doing things, to actively seek different viewpoints, to beware of sacred cows, and to know that solutions can come from anywhere or anyone.
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