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Lowering the Risks in Type 1 Diabetes

Refined white flours For diabetes, any StrictionBP food which is rich in fiber content is good. Since the fiber nature is completely destroyed in flours, you cannot expect anything good for fighting diabetes irrespective of your body type. So, avoiding refined white flours can serve the best.Salads and fried foods Salad dressings like mustard, avocado and mayonnaise contain high sodium. As sodium is not good for diabetes, salads should be avoided. Similarly, since fried foods with oil fat can be more harmful, boiled foods should be preferred as good foods for diabetics.Food items with cholesterol components: Most of the animal foods contain cholesterol which can spoil your health with increased blood pressure as equal as blood sugar. You are safe if you avoid foods like dairy products, egg yokes, poultry and high fat red meat.Vegetables and fruits: Vegetables and fruits which are very rich in unsaturated fats such as walnuts and almonds are not good foods for diabetes. Dried fruits and all junk foods are also not recommended for diabetes.
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