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If You're a Man, Hair Loss is Treatable

Genetics is the leading cause of hair loss. In Ultra FX10 fact, more than 90% of the premature balding is due to the genetics of the individual. This simply means that hair lose is observed within a linage of a family. If either of your parents had bald head, then the probability of having a bald head is high among the offsprings.Stress related hair loss is also a common occurrence. This is triggered by the rise in cortisol hormone which makes the hair follicles dormant. It therefore follows that the hair strands will fall either in single strands or in patches.Environmental stress due to such factors as hot weather is responsible for the hair loss. The hair texture would be affected and the hair strand made more fragile. This would lead to breakage of the hair strands when exposed to water or combing.

Other biological specific factors such as pregnancy would also contribute to loss of hair due to hormonal imbalance. This happens due to the change in the structure of the connective tissues also associated with the hormonal imbalance.A direct connection between hair loss and diet is observed especially among children. A diet that is lacking in protein would limit the supply of sulphur based amino acids which are crucial for hair strand making.
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