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How to Follow a Path With Heart For Greater Life Success

Read as many self help books as you can. Take The Light Code time out to study and work twice as hard to achieve what you want. Persist and laugh at any thoughts of giving up.However, the key to having a happy and successful life does not depend on achieving these goals, but to enjoy the process and your life.While you want to work towards being promoted by your company and get a salary increase, you should not neglect your family, relatives or friends.

If you have kids, make sure you spend time with them. Coming home from work, spend time with your spouse and have a laugh together sharing stories. Give them a surprise now and then and go out together more.Before going to bed, you need to say to yourself that you enjoyed the day and are happy with what you have done within the last 16 hours.Now imagine that you're on your death bed again and are looking back on your life. If you've achieved the goals which you have set, then hurray. Get the champagne out before you rest for good.
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