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How to Become Lean - 3 Easy Steps to Becoming Lean Now!

Do you want to lose weight and gain muscle Trim 14 to change your body? Many people choose to only focus on one portion of changing their life. Some people choose to diet, and not exercise. Other people choose to exercise and not diet. Then you have some people who do both, but in completely the wrong way.To start off, you must not try to lose weight by diet alone. It is a very short sighted plan. You will end up with a body which is smaller, but looks the same. Even worse, your body will have a slower metabolism and be ready to gain weight rapidly.

You must not try to gain muscle, or lose fast with exercise alone. Without proper nutrition your muscles cannot grow. Without proper food and nutrition your metabolism will slow down making fat loss very difficult.What you really want to do is lose weight and gain muscle with a great combination of nutrition, aerobic exercise, and resistance training. This combination burns the fat from your body, and gives you a more athletic looking body. Isn't this your actual goal, to look great, feel fantastic, and feel great.
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