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How These 4 Factors Cause You to Get Type 2 Diabetes

There is more than one form of this disorder. Type 1, also Gluco Type 2 known as juvenile diabetes, will typically appear in childhood or adolescence and attacks without warning. It's an autoimmune disease that will require a lifetime of treatment. Type 2 tends to develop later in life and is typically a result of obesity, eating a poor diet and being sedentary. The problem in today's society is that so many people don't eat nutritionally or get enough exercise, and this is leading to an increased number of people acquiring this disease.As well, there is gestational diabetes which occurs in pregnant women. However, it's only a temporary condition that will disappear once the baby is born. The problem is that the symptoms often go unnoticed because of all the other changes a woman's body goes through during pregnancy. However, keep an eye out for the symptoms and report anything unusual to your physician.
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