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Forex Has to Do With Finance - Since the World is in a Financial Crisis, Will a Robot Actually Work?

Live Account - This is where it gets interesting. It is Forex Monarch one thing to paper trade but I will tell you that there is nothing quite like trading your own money. The most difficult part of live trading is to remain unemotional about your trading and sticking to your trading system. This is what separates the successful traders from those that wind up giving their money TO the successful traders and this is the most difficult part of trading...sticking with your system come hell or high water.

Now that you have a thousand foot view of what Forex Trading is all about I encourage you to educate yourself and jump in there with a demo account as soon as you feel comfortable. Trading in the Forex Market can be very exciting and, for some, very profitable. Just remember where all that money comes from and make a decision to become a smart trader who only trades with his system and don't be one of the many who gives their money away to the few who make money in the market.
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