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Male skin care cleansers should Derma Correct contain mild ingredients like goat's milk, manuka honey, tea tree oil or oatmeal. Shaving lubricants should be non-foaming solutions that are primarily vegetable oil. Aftershave should not be the same thing as cologne. A dab of cologne is okay and all that's really necessary. Many men overdo it, just a little. Ask any woman.If they are for a man skin care moisturizers should contain bioactive keratin, witch hazel, capuacu butter and coenzyme Q10. This moisturizer should be the product used as an aftershave. The ingredients prevent redness, inflammation and irritation. They soothe razor burn, as well as sunburn. They do not cause burning, redness or irritation, because they aren't supposed to.Aftershave stings because of all of the alcohols contained in it. The best male skin care creams do not sting. They help delay the signs of aging and reverse it.
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