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A Contour Pillow Changed My Sleep Despite Bad Cervical Spine Health

Remember that every case is different and depending Nerve Align on your medical history and condition, some treatments may work for you while some may not. Medication: Doctors usually start out with medication. Recently FDA approved Cymbalta as a drug for fibromyalgia. However there have been cases where patients have complained of side effects. Massage Therapy: Massage therapy may not be a standalone fibromyalgia treatment, but having regular massage sessions can be helpful in relieving from fibromyalgia pain.Accupuncture: Again like massage therapy, accupuncture serves well when done with conventional treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT is especially very good at tackling the emotional component of fibromyalgia pain. Needless to say fibromyalgia often brings in a sense of depression and anger. CBT helps to address the unwanted fears and focuses on solving the reality based problems. Trigger Point Therapy: Another treatment technique which can work well when combined with traditional treatment.Remember that there are a variety of fibromyalgia treatments available on hand. It is a matter of carefully choosing what works best for you and closely working with your doctor to figure out the exact strategies to help reduce fibromyalgia pain.
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