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7 Tips For Testing Blood Glucose Levels

When your body fails to convert blood sugar MARINE D3 into energy it starts to use fat and muscle for energy instead. The breakdown of fat causes ketones (fatty acids) to be released into the bloodstream and over time these build up and lead to the onset of DKA. DKA is most prevalent in type 1 diabetics and is usually brought about by a lack of insulin which prevents your body from getting adequate energy from the available blood sugar. However, it can also be linked with illness and infection. The symptoms of DKA include:DKA is one of the more serious symptoms of diabetes and will require immediate medical attention. In the worst cases it can be fatal.

HONK is most prevalent in type 2 diabetics. It occurs when the body responds to the high levels of blood sugar by passing additional urine. This can then lead to extreme dehydration and HONK for which the symptoms include:Like with DKA, HONK is very serious condition and requires proper medical attention right away.I hope this article helps you identify the often elusive symptoms of diabetes. The symptoms can range from the mild (which are normally self treatable) to the serious (which usually require professional medical assistance).
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