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Hair Loss - What Most Hairdressers Can't Tell You Because They Don't Know

70% of men and up to 50% of Hair Revital X  women are suffering from thinning hair by the time they reach middle age.

Ever sat down in your barbers or hair salon and asked this question, "I think my hair is thinning - how can I stop that from happening?" I know that in most cases the professional who you asked will give you this answer. "It is heredity and there isn't really much you can do about it". Like most people you already know that but you do want help. So you leave them still not understanding how to stop this problem. The reason you get the answer you did is because hair loss is not covered in-depth in any of the hairdressing papers that a qualified hairdresser has to take!!!

As a senior technical advisor within the hairdressing industry I have spent 1000's of hours teaching hairdressers the 8 causes of thinning hair. I would like to explain that for you in laymen's terms so you have a better understanding. You don't inherit the problem.. You inherited the cause.
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